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Health professionals urge Legislature to reject dangerous Nesbitt energy plan

Health professionals from across the state today will call for the defeat of Rep. Aric Nesbitt’s energy plan, which redefines renewable energy to include burning hazardous waste, tires and railroad ties. The burning of this waste generates dangerous pollution that threatens the health of Michigan children, families and seniors. The MI Air MI Health Coalition will host a press conference on the steps of the Michigan Capitol at 11:00am to voice their concerns about this dangerous legislation.

“The Nesbitt energy plan makes a mockery of the efforts of health care professionals, families and Michigan businesses to reduce dangerous pollution by using more real renewable energy such as wind and solar,” said Joyce Stein, RN, BSN. “It’s so disappointing that the Legislature is considering a dangerous, irresponsible energy policy that allows some of the dirtiest, most-polluting sources of energy, including the burning of tires and railroad ties, to be counted as renewable.”

The Nesbitt energy plan changes the scientific definition of renewable energy to include hazardous industrial waste such as burning tires and railroad ties. “As a healthcare professional who serves on the frontlines, I’ve seen first-hand the impact of our energy policy on the health of Michigan children, families and seniors,” said Kindra Weid, BSN, RN, MPH, health fellow for MI Air MI Health. “We urge the legislature to reject this dangerous plan and support forward-looking legislation that will reduce dangerous pollution and protect public health.”

Pollution from Michigan coal plants has been linked to 68,000 cases of asthma and 180 premature deaths each year.
“The Nesbitt energy plan is a major step backwards when it comes to cleaner air and healthier families,” said Kathleen Slonager, RN, AE-C, executive director of Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America Michigan Chapter. “Our clean energy policy expires this year and we should be building upon the success of our clean energy sector, which is making our air safer to breathe, and protecting the health of Michigan families.”

For more information about today’s press conference, please contact Jen Flood at 517-333-1606.

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